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For beekeepers and bee fans in (and around)

Benton, Sherburne and Stearns County, MN.

Time to gear up for summer!


Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 6th at 7:00pm.


Kevin Moxness will give a presentation on different types of hives and we will talk about swarm traps. 

Glenn Kooiman will be at the June meeting to pick up the bee cages left over from bee packages and to return your $10 deposit so bring them along.

Note: If you would like to observe a demonstration on how to do a mite check on your hives, come to Tom Fischer’s beeyard at 6:00 on Tuesday, June 6th before the meeting. Tom will demonstrate a mite check and check how the club’s flow hive is doing.  The address is 3741 18th St. S., in St. Cloud (same place we picked up bee packages).


Come and share your advice and questions.


Hope to see you there!



  If you still need to buy a nuc: Craig Shepard has a few left with overwintered 2022 queens. Price is $200 with $20 box deposit.  He's located in St. Michael, call 763-528-3573 if interested                                     

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